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Phasing Faces

Duration: 10 min

This work of Generative Cinema is part of a collection of pieces exploring phasing loops. The combination of animated loops with different durations generates complex images created by simpler basic elements through a phasing effect. The first frame of the video is a black and white image of a stylized face. The white area of the face image is a combination of red, green and blue channels. The black area of the face image is a combination of two channels set to be black, white or transparent depending on how they overlap. Each face image is in an animation loop that moves in a different direction at a different rate (creating variety of shape combinations) and fades in and out at different rates (creating variety of color combinations). As the animation loops gradually desynchronize, new combinations of shapes and colors are produced until the phasing cycle reaches its end at the last frame of the video when all five face images are back at their initial position and the only colors are black and white. In other pieces of the same collection, the phasing cycles can reach orders of magnitude over 10 to the power of 19 frames, which, at a rate of 24 frames per second, is equivalent to the estimated age of the universe (14 billion years).